Design and Development is a continuous activity at the Institute and it is purely based on the emerging needs of the instrument industry. The main objective behind the Institute’s design and development work is to transfer the technical know-how developed to the instrument manufacturers or entrepreneurs on nonexclusive basis. The Small Scale units, by and large, are not in a “position” to bear R&D expenditure and moreover quite often they are not aware of the latest development trends. The development work at the IDEMI’s above laboratory has, therefore, attracted many units and entrepreneurs and has resulted in a good reported between the Institute and various manufacturing units.


The laboratory normally undertakes the development work in consultation with the users as well as the manufacturers so that the right type of product is developed which is commercially viable too. Institute’s achievements in the design and development field and details on prototypes developed are published through Newsletters and displays at exhibitions apart from individual contacts / communications. Entrepreneurs and Manufacturers are always approaching the Institute for any design and development assistance that may be required by them from time to time.

Some of the Recent Developments
1. Liquid Level Transmitters were designed manufactured & supplied to M/s. Technomatic (India) Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
2. Position Transmitters were designed, manufactured & supplied M/s. R.K. Controls Ltd., Thane 
3. V-Square Hour Meters were designed, manufactured & supplied to M/s. GE Lighting, Kheda, Gujarat, which will be useful for endurance testing of GLS Lamps in accordance with IS 418 : 1974
4. Various types of position sensors which includes Reed Type Limit Switch Assembly, Inductive Type Limit Switch Assembly, Shaft Encoder Assembly and Stator-Rotor Assembly were also designed.